Ground Rules

Ground Rules: The ground rules will help everyone to enjoy the Emma Louise Dance Club classes. We have ground rules so everyone understands how to behave in Emma Louise Dance Club classes.

Raise Hand: If you have a question you must put your hand up. Please do not call out because it is rude.

One Child at a Time: Only one child at a time is allowed to leave the class to go to the toilet. Children must get permission to leave the class from the teacher and/or teacher’s assistant.

Uniform, Jewellery and Hair: The Emma Louise Dance Club uniform  must be worn in all dance classes. Jewellery is not allowed and long hair must be tied up.

Never Leave The Premises Alone: It could be very dangerous for children to leave the building without an adult. Children must never leave the premises at the end of the class unless a responsible adult there to collect them. Children are not allowed to leave without the teachers permission.

Do Not Touch or Play On Any Apparatus/Equipment in the Room: To avoid accidents and injuries children must not touch, sit on or play with any of the apparatus or other objects in the room.Please respect the rules, regulations and staff at the premises where your classes are been held. Poor behaviour on the premises will not be tolerated and could result in dismissal from the Emma Louise Dance Club.

Drinks: Children may bring a drink to the class. Children will have opportunities to drink during the lesson. If children would like a drink, they should put thier hand up & ask. Children should not stop to have a drink anytime they feel like it. It may be inappropriate to stop at that moment during the lesson. Please make sure drinks are in a sealed bottle. Water or still fruit juice is recommended. Emma Louise Dance Club is not responsible for providing children with a drink if they have forgotten to bring one to the class.

Rewards: Children are praised for good behavior and hard work in class. In addition to the End of Term Certificate, children may receive an additional rewards for excellent behavior in class.

Using Bad Language: Using bad language or answering back will not be tolerated by the teacher or teacher’s assistant and could result in instant dismissal from the class.

Listening: Listening is very important; when the teacher is speaking children must be quiet and listen. When the teacher or teaching assistant requires children must stop what they are doing, sit down and listen.

Equality: Bullying, laughing at others, making nasty comments or showing prejudice will not be allowed and will result in children been dismissed from the class.

Speaking Out: If children have a problem in the class they must speak to the teacher and/or teacher’s assistant, we will be happy to listen to what they have to say.

Continual rule breaking will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from Emma Louise Dance Club