alice 4At Emma Louise Dance Club we have three terms per year. Each term lasts between 10 and 13 weeks.

  • Winter Term - August to December
  • Spring Term - January to April
  • Summer Term - April to July

 New pupils are welcome to join at any time.

 We highly recommend booking a trial lesson

In all Emma Louise Dance Club classes we teach a warm up, dance routine and cool down.

The last lesson of each term is a special class. We invite family and friends to watch pupils performing the dances they have learnt. Pupils are presented with their Emma Louise Dance Club certificate too.

Emma Louise Dance Club offers a safe environment for children to, be active, be creative, grow in confidence, meet new friends and have lots of fun


Did you know?

Dance is the fastest growing of all the art forms (Arts Council England, Dance & Health, 2006)

More people in Scotland are dancing than playing football (FST, Dance in Scotland, 2011)

Dance has many health benefits including;

healthier heart and lungs
stronger muscles
stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
better co-ordination, agility and flexibility
improved balance and enhanced spatial awareness
increased physical confidence
improved mental functioning
increased energy expenditure can help counteract unwanted weight gain (Arts Council England, Dance & Health, 2006)